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Hello and welcome to the HeadPhones Hero FAQ section. When we started HeadPhones Hero, our aim was to help you find the best headphones for your specific needs. As we went on however, we realized that headphones are not a simple product. There are tons of variants and options available today across a large spectrum of price points. Thus, choosing the headphones which are right for you can become a lengthy exercise. Of course, you can also try a few headphones till you find a pair that work best for you. Our aim with the FAQ section is to help answer the most common questions you may encounter when you are thinking about buying a set of headphones for yourself.

While choosing a headphone in itself can become an endeavor, figuring out the multiple other questions about headphones can also be a chore. Enter HeadphonesHero. We are not rocket scientists but we are passionate about giving solid, unbiased advice that you can use. You can use this page to navigate to the question of your choice. We also have a quick summary of all the informative articles available further on. Enjoy and please let us know your thoughts in the comments

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Apple AirPods

AirPods are now officially Apple’s best selling accessory. We think it is prudent to provide as much information about them as possible. They certainly don’t come cheap and you should definitely know all the facts before you drop your hard earned money on a pair

People have a ton of questions related to the Apple AirPods. With good reason too, the technology is brand new and has created a category of its own. In this mammoth FAQ article, we have rounded up all the questions you could have about the Apple AirPods. Do go through and let us know if you have missed out on any

Staying on Apple AirPods, Apple recently announced an update to the AirPods which are now known as the second generation AirPods. We give you a quick lowdown on what has changed and how it might affect you.

Now, lets get a bit more topical and a bit more controversial. Are you allowed to use Apple Airpods with an Android device? Will you be shunned by society if you do? No, we are not really going to answer that. If you were wondering though whether you could use Apple AirPods with your Android device and enjoy its portability and strong battery life, we do have an answer for you! Spoiler alert: You Can! We dig deeper in our article however so check it out!

Apple AirPods are an expensive piece of equipment. You want to maintain them well so that they last a long time. In this article, we outline the simplest method we have found to keep your AirPods clean.

Are you an internet fiend like us? Do you spend hours looking up the latest trends and how they can improve your life? No? Just us then huh. Well in that case you are in luck because we find the coolest audio related tech for you and tell you about it. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, ASMR is the latest audio sensation helping people relax and sleep across the world. We tell you more about it in our article.

Utilizing the natural rhythms of your brain waves to improve your sleep, health and concentration. Sound like science fiction doesn’t it? However this is precisely what binaural beats claim to do. All you need to make use of them is the right audio and a good set of headphones. We answer all your FAQs about binaural beats here.

Moving on to some legal disclaimers then. Headphones and earbuds can be dangerous you know. When you rocket around on metallic tubes for long distances everyday, you dont want your attention to be diverted by anything that can make your commute unsafe. We now realize that the previous sentence can also apply for buses and trains. Howeverr, we meant driving only. So take a look at the legality of wearing headphones/earbuds while you are driving. Bonus content: we dive into laws across the world as well, so take a look.

So now that we have discussed the legality of wearing headphones/earbuds while driving, lets also see what the research says about hte effects of wearing headphones/earbuds on your driving. Spoiler alert: it does not do you any good. Read on to find out more details about the research and the results.

Wearing headphones to sleep

With a near epidemic of sleeping trouble in the western world today, we are all looking for solutions to help us make the most of the precious sleep that we get. So is it a good idea to wear headphones while sleeping to get that perfect night’s rest? Read on to find out.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Technology is advancing quickly and some of it can indeed seem like magic. In some cases, it is best to believe that it is magic and let it be at that (Quantum Physics anyone?). In other cases, it feels really good to know how a piece of technology actually works. And bonus, it’s also fun at parties! Noise canceling headphones can feel like magic but they work on a simple and intuitive principle which also sounds very science-y. So check out our article on how noise canceling headphones work

There is a lot of talk about noise cancelation and noise isolation when it comes to audio equipment today. Our last article gave you an overview of what Noise cancelation is and how it works. In this one we break down the differences between noise cancelation and noise isolation so you can figure out which one is best for you.s

We believe in having strong opinions on all of our recommendations. In this article, we give you our recommendation on on-ear vs over-ear headphones and provide you with our reasoning behind it.

There has been a lot of alarming news about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human beings lately. Wireless headphones and earbuds too emit some amount of radiation. We go behind the hype and tell you the actual amount of risk from bluetooth headphones.